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Magento 2 Admin User Guide for Merchants and Ecommerce Managers

Magento 2 User Guide for Admin

We have produced a 40+ page book to help you get you started. Whether you are completely new to Magento or making the transition from Magento 1 to Magento, we are sure this guide will help you with the fundamentals including:

  • The basic that you need to know about the admin panel, including the new grid system for finding and ordering information your way.
  • Setting up attributes and attribute sets (the building blocks of good product management)
  • The essential guide to creating products
  • Managing the order process
  • The basics of creating promotions and discount codes.

All this should be enough to get you on your way with Magento. When you are ready to look at it in more details be sure to take a look at our range of Merchant training courses which is delivered as scheduled classroom training, onsite training for you and your team, one to one screen share or sign up to our on-demand training.

To download the book, please fill in the form below and once your email address is confirmed a copy will be sent directly to your inbox. Don’t worry; we would never pass on your details to a third party.

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