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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • Magento 2 - What has happened to Group Price?

    Where has the Group Price gone in Magento 2? This short video will explain how you can replicate this function in the latest version of Magento.
  • Site Search: SaaS vs. a Plug-in

    There’s a big difference between software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) site search, and the typical free (or nearly free) site search plug-ins available for download. The leading site search providers offer an intelligent site search algorithm, handle the site search traffic load on their own servers, and include excellent integration and ongoing support. Not only do you get ongoing support from your site search provider, but you can also benefit from training specialists, like MageTraining, who ensure your team is making the most out of your site search solution. You don’t get that with a plug-in.
  • Magento Imagine 2016 - Highlights

    The 2016 Magento Imagine Conference exceeded attendee expectations.
  • Magento Imagine is Just Around the Corner

    Are you attending Magento Imagine 2016 in Las Vegas? It's a three-day Magento party with breakout sessions. I'm proud to say that MageTraining will be sponsoring the registration. Make sure you pop along and see us, we have some great swag to give away.

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