Magento 2 Changes

Magento continues to release new versions of their platform, and with each release there are not only bug fixes and security patches, but also feature changes and feature enhancements.

Bug fixes and security patches are always welcome, but sometimes feature changes and enhancements can be confusing. Changes and enhancements are, of course, an inevitable and important part of any software platform actively seeking to improve itself. In this post I note a few changes from the 1.x version of Magento to the 2.0 version of Magento, and also a few changes from the 2.0 version to the 2.1 version.

Group Pricing Removed (Kinda)

Under Magento 1.x, products were able to have group prices specified on product level. With Magento 2, this feature has been removed, but the same functionality can be achieved by using the tiered pricing feature for the customer group for a single product. Deryck Harlick explains the Group Pricing change in this video blog post: Magento 2 - What happened to group pricing.

Design Settings Moved

Under Magento 1.x, if you wanted to add a Javascript to the header of your Magento store, you would go to System > Configuration > General Section > Design Tab > HTML Head Tab > Miscellaneous Scripts and add your script.

In Magento 2.0, the Miscellaneous Scripts feature was located under the Store > Configuration > General Section > Design Tab > HTML Head Tab.

Design 2.0.2

In Magento 2.1, this feature was relocated to the Content > Design > Configuration Tab. You will then need to select the Scope for which you wish to make the changes. In the Other Settings section, select the HTML Head Tab.

Design 2.1 - new location

Category Management Re-Design (Tabs are out, Accordions are in)

The Magento 2.0 version presented the Category Management section in a somewhat familiar format (similar to the 1.x version of Magento), located under the Products > Categories Tab.  In Magento 2.1, the Category Management section went from using the Tab format to using a Collapsable Accordion Menu format.


New Categroy Format uses Accordion Menus

The Accordion Menu style seems to be the new trend for Magento 2 moving forward.

As noted, any actively evolving software will experience changes. Sometimes new features will be integrated, sometimes existing features will move locations. Magento is no exception. Often these changes are documented in the Magento Release Notes, but sometimes they are not. Fortunately Magento has vibrant and active community of users that will help to answer any questions for which you're unable to find answers.

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