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Benefits of Training Your Team

We have worked with a number of Magento Agencies around the US and UK, helping train their staff to be more knowledgable of the Magento platform. Our training is delivered by Magento Certified Solution Specialists with backgrounds in project management and account management. They understand those elements of Magento that can make project and account management difficult if not fully understood. Our trainers will teach your team about Magento and underscore best practices regarding managing Magento projects.

After Training, your staff will:

  • be more knowledgeable of out-of-the-box Magento features
  • be able to distinguish between Magento Community and Magento Enterprise features
  • be more capable of responding to client requestes, resulting in better customer experience
  • be more confident in managing Magento accounts
  • have a greater sense of value as the company is investing in training them 
  • be one step closer to becoming Magento Certified Solution Specialists

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Agency Testimonials:

Rocket Web Logo"Using MageTraining has allowed our account managers to be clear on Magento admin offerings and learn some new ways to interact with Magento. Making our account managers stronger with Magento allows us to be more client centric without letting technology limitations to get in the way"

- Matt Lano, Head of Sales
Rocket Web, Inc.


wagento logo"MageTraining has enabled our Project Management Team to better serve our clients with faster turn around times on client requests. PMs can quickly address certain requests via the Magento admin rather than sending to developers to address, which can take a few days to turn around. Faster turn around times result in a happier client."

- Lyndsey LaGrange, Senior Project Manager
Wagento, LLC 


Human-Element"[MageTraining staff were] amazingly patient and did an awesome job condensing what could have easily been weeks of training into a few quick days."

- John Tucker, Project Manager
Human Element