Magento Projects and How to be a Good Client

Building a store in Magento can be a huge commitment. It is likely to be a complex project, it is probably an important channel in your business and you have chosen a developer to take this forward for you. How do you make sure that the relationship between you and the developer is a positive and fruitful experience for everyone involved? We look at some of the ways that you as the client can be the best client you can while getting what you want from the project.

A new type of Magento Course for Ecommerce Managers

Over the last four years we have been lucky enough to train hundreds of delegates on how to use Magento. The courses are in depth which I believe is a significant part of their appeal. But there has been a section of the people we train who don’t need to go into as much detail.[…]

Triggered – Abandon Cart ,Email Recovery and Events Emails by MageMail

Triggered emails are any email that’s sent to a customer or visitor to your store at some specific point in their life cycle. These emails keep you customer engaged with your store and can also help you recover sales that you may have otherwise lost. We take a look at MageMail to see how it can help you earn more from you Magento store.